Why You Should Not Upgrade to Sierra Wireless Software MGOS 4.4.2 – 5Gstore Blog

Sierra Wireless has just released an important announcement. Due to an instability in the radio module firmware released in MGOS 4.4.2 they are requesting that no additional MG90 MGOS 4.4.2 upgrades be performed until further notice:

  • MGOS 4.4.2 has been removed from The Source and from the public repo so MGOS 4.4.2 cannot be installed on any additional AMMs.
  • They are not able to remove MGOS 4.4.2 from hosted AMMs as there are already MG90s using this firmware. Removing this package could impact these MG90s inadvertently.
  • For customers that have upgraded to MGOS 4.4.2 and are experiencing radio issues, please contact support for further assistance.
  • For customers that have upgraded to MGOS 4.4.2 and are not experiencing radio issues, Sierra Wireless will provide further direction shortly.

They apologize to everyone affected by this radio instability. It’s through an abundance of caution that they are asking customers to cease any upgrades to MGOS 4.4.2 until further notice. An update on the radio instability will be provided when they have identified a path forward.

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