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Sierra Wireless has just announced the General Availability of AirLink® OS 4.0 for XR90, XR80 and RX55 AirLink® routers.

This is a major release which includes new features and enhancements including:

  • Support for RX55 and RX55 Wi-Fi Plus variants
  • 3rd party Captive Portal support for integration with CoovaChilli based Wi-Fi service providers
  • Wi-Fi Geolocation to automatically identify Wi-Fi country codes, offering regulatory compliance with reduced configuration
  • Network diagnostic tools (ping, traceroute, iPerf and IP capture) available via ALMS for remote troubleshooting
  • Support for Container registries to remotely deploy container applications (Beta feature)
  • GRE tunnels and NHRP support to enable simple DMVPN configurations for private networks
  • Enriched telemetry with flexible reporting and MQTT format options
  • Improved configuration and templating for fleet-wide SIM, multi-APN and radio module firmware management
  • Dashboard enhancements to display multiple APNs, VPNs and WAN status for quick view of router and network status

In addition, this release also includes general stability improvements and addresses a range of field-reported issues. It is recommended that all customers upgrade their XR and RX routers to AirLink® OS 4.0.

For more information, please refer to the release notes or contact our team via phone, email, or chat!

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