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Continuing forward with the future vision, NSPs are being called upon to enable the capabilities the market is demanding—things like telco cloud, virtual network-to-network interfaces (NNIs) and multi-access edge compute (MEC).

The future is already being realized

With colocation and digital services from Equinix, NSPs can evolve to deliver automated interconnection, NaaS and hosted edge services. In fact, leading network providers have already latched onto this vision of the future. Paris-based telecommunications operator Orange Business Services, for example, has partnered with Equinix to build a fully automated telco cloud PoP architecture on top of Equinix Metal, helping Orange deliver optimized voice, 5G, CDN, SD-WAN and security services to more global markets. Colt On Demand is offering same-day activation and fully automated provisioning of its network services at a lower cost using Equinix Fabric. Verizon, announced Software-Defined Interconnect (SDI) solutions, integrating their network services with Equinix Fabric to provide automated access into their MPLS, Ethernet and public IP services.[1] And earlier this year, BT launched Connected Cloud Edge using Equinix infrastructure to transform how network and cloud services integrate, and help their customers prepare for the future.[2] These examples—and many more—are pointing toward the future of networks as they deliver more on-demand, as-a-service capabilities at the edge.

To learn more about how service providers can continue their digital transformation and accelerate innovation with Equinix, download our white paper Create a digital advantage at software speed.

We’ll also be talking about the evolution of networks at the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) annual conference in January 2023. Request a meeting with Equinix to learn more about how we’re helping service providers meet customer demand for more agile services in a digital-first world.


[1] Software Defined Interconnect (SDI) Solutions, Verizon.com.

[2] BT launches next generation multicloud connectivity solution, BT.com, June 29, 2022.

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