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As you search for your next internet service provider, have you thought about which is the fastest? 

Recently that distinction went to Spectrum, available in 41 states and named the “fastest fixed broadband provider in 11 states during Q3 2022,” according to Speedtest® by Ookla®.

Ookla recently shared its Q3 2022 report on fixed broadband service providers, naming Spectrum as having the fastest median download speed at 211.66 Mbps.

Top 3 ISPs for download speed in Q3 2022:

Spectrum: 211.66 Mbps

Cox: 196.52 Mbps

Xfinity: 191.65 Mbps

Internet speeds between 200 and 300 Mbps can keep your small household running smoothly with HD streaming, working from home, gaming and smart device connectivity.

If you’re uploading large files or videos regularly, it’s interesting to note that major provider AT&T topped the upload speed category at 125.87 Mbps. This performance is excellent, considering the median upload speed in the U.S. is just around 23 Mbps.

What states have the fastest internet speeds?

Ookla reports that during Q3, New Jersey had the fastest fixed broadband median download speed in the country at 204.48 Mbps, with Alaska the slowest at 59.40 Mbps.

Top 3 states and providers with the fastest median download speed:

New Jersey: 204.48 Mbps Provider: Verizon: 241.33

Florida: 193.13 Mbps Provider: Frontier: 227.43

New York: 190.04 Mbps Provider: Verizon 235.52

AT&T Internet was the fastest fixed broadband provider in 21 cities during Q3 2022. Spectrum was the fastest in 17 cities.

Of note was Starry, a 5G fixed wireless service provider, which had the fastest recorded speed for Q3 in Washington, D.C., at 210.61 Mbps. The fairly new provider uses 5G fixed wireless to provide internet service to apartment buildings in major markets like Boston, Denver, New York and Los Angeles. Expansion plans hope to see service in nearly 50 more markets. 

Google Fiber also had solid performances in Kansas, Missouri and Utah, with fast download speeds from 231.77 to 258.89 Mbps and hopes to expand availability.

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