Antennas are 1.6mm high for 5G and 4G IoT

Alcor (SZP-C-2L22) is a 5G surface-mount antenna that has been developed cover 617MHz to 6GHz “and a fallback to 4G – 3G -2G”, according to the company. It occupies 40 x 10mm. Clearance is 40 x 13.5mm.

Atria (SZP-C-2L23 / 2L24) covers 698MHz to 2.69GHz and “also falls back to 3G – 2G”, whil emeasuring 30 x 7mm “and requires a small clearance area [30 x 12mm]. Don’t be fooled by claims of small antennas which often need a much bigger clearance area”, it said.
Average efficiency is in the 50-60% range.
It comes in left and right corner mount versions.

See the data sheets for measurement caveats – both are across the ends of quite long ground planes.

ALCOR and ATRIA are suitable for MIMO applications and are designed to work in compact devices with limited space. These antennas are perfect for wearables, health monitoring, smart meters, and other slim IoT devices. These antennas form part of Synzen’s Galaxy Class, which all feature low-profile design solutions that maintain superior performance.

Product pages: Alcor and Atria – data sheets are linked from there.

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