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Digging into the specifics, commercial property insurance is about more than just the roof over your head. It extends to the very tools and equipment that keep your business humming along. From the basic and broad causes of loss forms to the special causes of loss form, coverage is designed to be as robust as you need it to be.

It’s about making sure that when adversity hits, your focus can remain on steering your business ship, rather than bailing out water.

Building Structure

The coverage for the building structure itself is comprehensive, encompassing foundational elements, completed additions, and permanent fixtures. It also includes the machinery and equipment that are integral to your business’s operations. Note that certain specifics, like replacement cost coverage for roofs, may vary depending on your policy and location, so it’s crucial to understand the details of what’s included.

Business Personal Property

Moving inside, commercial property insurance covers the heart of your operations—your business personal property, which is protected by commercial property coverage. This includes everything from:

  • computers

  • office equipment

  • furniture

  • tools

Coverage typically extends to the building’s contents and any property within proximity.

While some items like money and vehicles aren’t covered, supplementary coverages like equipment breakdown insurance can be added to ensure your business’s assets are fully protected.

Loss of Income

A crucial aspect of commercial property insurance is the protection it offers for your business income. When unexpected closures or disruptions occur, business interruption insurance steps in to bridge the gap, taking care of ongoing expenses like payroll and net income.

This coverage ensures that a temporary setback doesn’t turn into a permanent shutdown, keeping your business afloat even when the waters get rough.

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