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Uber has reached a significant milestone in Australia, agreeing to a mammoth $178 million settlement in a lawsuit brought forth by taxi and hire car drivers. The legal battle, spearheaded by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers on behalf of over 8,000 drivers, marks one of the most successful actions against the ride-sharing giant to date.

Principal Michael Donelly hailed the outcome as a victory for everyday Australians, emphasizing the collective effort that led to Uber’s concession after years of litigation. He asserted that the settlement ranks among the top five in Australian legal history.

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Uber, while acknowledging the settlement, highlighted its contributions to state-level taxi compensation schemes since 2018 and emphasized its evolution within the regulatory framework. The company emphasized its commitment to providing safe, affordable, and reliable transportation options while recognizing its role in reshaping the point-to-point transport landscape in Australia.

Despite legal battles globally, including a recent win in France, Uber remains focused on its mission of facilitating seamless transportation experiences for millions of Australians. As the dust settles on this landmark settlement, both drivers and passengers await the next chapter in the ever-evolving ride-sharing narrative.

Meanwhile Uber UK Changes Strategy

Uber has surprisingly, resumed launches in UK towns and cities after halting them in 2017. This move marks a return to its original strategy, departing from the Local Car scheme it adopted post its Autocab acquisition. Now, with launches in Swansea and Stockton, Uber is aiming to meet high demand. The firm states that over 4,000 residents open the app on a weekly basis in both locations. Uber reported driver shortages and prioritization issues being experienced on its Local Car scheme. Now the company “seeks to maximize earning opportunities for drivers and reignite its presence in smaller UK locales” by focusing on areas with significant demand.

To promote the new initiative in the first few weeks of commencing operations in these regions, Uber is offering customers reduced rates with up to £20 off.

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