NCOIL meeting breaks attendance record

The National Council of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) held its 2022 Annual National Meeting from Nov. 16-19 in New Orleans. At the meeting – the third and final national meeting of the year – NCOIL set an attendance record of 393 participants, including 68 legislators from 28 states, nine first-time legislators, nine insurance commissioners and 17 insurance departments represented.

During the meeting, NCOIL adopted four new model laws and re-adopted six existing models. The organization’s policy committees also heard presentations and held discussions about the issues currently impacting the insurance industry.

“In my final meeting as NCOIL president, I was proud to see much of the work of the past year come to fruition,” said California Assemblyman Ken Cooley, who ended his term as NCOIL president at the conclusion of the meeting. “This has truly been a full-circle moment in my career, as I attended my first NCOIL meeting in 1989 when I was chief counsel to the California Assembly Finance and Insurance Committee. It was a great honor to have led the organization during this important time.”

“I am thrilled with how the organization finished the year,” said Tom Considine, CEO of NCOIL. “Attendance at our meetings in 2022 was very strong, and to finish the year with an attendance record-setting meeting is a testament to how hard everyone has worked. From a substantive perspective, the meeting was extremely successful in terms of the model laws adopted. Each of those models represents sound insurance public policy and you will see them introduced across the country starting in January.”

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The meeting also featured the selection of a new slate of NCOIL officers for next year. Arkansas Rep. Deborah Ferguson was elected president, while Texas Re. Tom Oliverson was elected vice president. New York ASsemblywoman Pamela Hunter will serve as treasurer, while Minnesota Sen. Paul Utke was named secretary.

“After serving almost 10 years in the Arkansas Legislature and spending many of those years involved with NCOIL, I look forward to working with my fellow officers to continue to advance the organization,” Ferguson said. “The attendance in New Orleans is an indicator of where the organization is heading, and I look forward to doing my part to strengthen and highlight the positive impact the organization has had on insurance public policy as a whole.”

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