Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits Northern California

Officials said there had been “widespread damages” to Humboldt County infrastructure and it was not immediately known if any injuries had occurred, USA Today reported.

The quake hit at 2:34am Pacific Time, at a depth of just over 16 miles in waters about 7.5 miles west of Ferndale, according to the US Geological Survey.

There has been damage to roads and homes in the county, the Humboldt Sheriff’s Office has announced. The county has a population of around 136,000, USA Today reported.

Tens of thousands of people were facing power outages, with 71,000 people with no power in Humboldt County, according to USA Today.

No tsunami is expected, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office has said.

The earthquake came after a magnitude 3.6 earthquake hit the San Francisco Bay Area on Saturday, causing minor damage, USA Today reported.

In late October, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake affected the San Francisco Bay Area.

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