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Most of us, at some point, have given thought to what we might leave behind for our loved ones once we pass away. Maybe you have spent time considering who to leave your assets to or even gone as far as to draft a will yourself. However, even the most well-meaning attempts at planning can go awry. This is especially true for a simple will, which can lead to expensive and avoidable consequences. But do not worry; this is where a group legal plan and pre-paid legal services come in to save the day.

It may seem easy to draft, but the truth is that it is not. While a simple will may be enough for some individuals, it can cause costly legal issues for others. These types of wills can be hard to interpret and understand, which can lead to family feuds and lengthy litigations.

There are a few reasons why a simple will can go so drastically wrong. To begin with, estate laws can vary from state to state, and a simple will does not consider these variations. If you own property in two different states, for example, this can create a problem when it comes to your will. Additionally, a simple will may not accurately reflect your current financial or familial situation. This can lead to confusion for your heirs, resulting in probate proceedings that are both time-consuming and costly. Finally, a simple will may not consider any possible tax implications, which can be incredibly expensive.

Enter group legal plans and pre-paid legal services. By having access to these services, employees can make sure that their wills are drafted by trusted legal professionals who have expert knowledge of the local estate laws. These services can help ensure that your will is clear and understandable, taking into account your unique financial and familial situation. They can also help address any tax implications, ensuring that your heirs receive the most from your estate without incurring any unnecessary expenses.

Not only do these services provide legal guidance for drafting a will, but they can also provide legal guidance after the will has been executed. For example, beneficiaries listed on the will may dispute the distribution, which can lead to lengthy and costly legal proceedings. Pre-paid legal services can provide legal support to help resolve disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Countrywide Per-paid Legal Services has a group legal plan benefit that addresses everyday legal issues. Drafting a simple will is one of our benefits, and we have a nationwide network of attorneys who will do the work. These professionals advise on what should be in the document and guarantee that the final draft is one that will stand up in court. Clients are given the chance to decide what services will be provided in their own benefit. We will deliver streamlined administration and superior member services.

Drafting a simple will may seem like an easy and convenient way to plan for one’s passing. However, it is essential to understand that simple wills can carry significant costs and confusion for those left behind. The good news is that a Countrywide group legal plan and pre-paid legal services can help ensure that your wishes are fulfilled and that your heirs receive the most from your estate. These services offer legal professionals who understand estate laws and can help navigate the complexities of drafting a will. They can also provide support if disputes arise after the will has been executed. By taking advantage of what Countrywide has to offer, employees are doing the responsible thing for themselves and their loved ones.

If you are interested in our group legal plan benefits, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Countrywide is willing to discuss our options with anyone, and we would appreciate the chance to explain them to you

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