Distinguished Programs, HUB International partner for coverage of Northeast museums

Distinguished Programs, HUB International partner for coverage of Northeast museums | Insurance Business America

Firms will collaborate with renowned association for tailored solutions

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Kenneth Araullo

Distinguished Programs has entered into a new partnership agreement with HUB International to serve as the preferred provider for the New England Museum Association (NEMA).

This collaboration is aimed at crafting specialized insurance solutions tailored to the distinct needs of museums throughout the Northeast.

Together, Distinguished and HUB International will work closely with NEMA to provide museums with specialized insurance coverage and an exclusive discount that meets the specific demands of museum operations.

This partnership is designed to offer museums not only comprehensive insurance coverage but also expert advice on risk management related to their collections.

Andrew Bassier, senior account executive – fine art and special risk at HUB International, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership.

“We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with NEMA members to enhance and ensure that their insurance programs offer tailored coverage for their unique needs,” he said. “We look forward to not only offering tailored insurance solutions but also assisting NEMA members in better understanding their insurance programs.”

Kayla Coleman, executive director at NEMA, highlighted the importance of such partnerships in supporting the association’s member museums.

“We believe that strong partnerships are key to the success of our member museums, and this collaboration with Distinguished and HUB exemplifies our commitment to providing valuable resources and support,” Coleman said.

Alison Sweeney, vice president and fine art expert of Distinguished’s fine art and collectibles program, remarked on the significance of this collaboration for museum protection.

“The partnership between Distinguished and HUB International for NEMA represents a significant stride forward in museum protection,” Sweeney said. “With our combined expertise, we’re providing seamless insurance coverage, enabling museums to focus on their invaluable cultural contributions.”

NEMA operates as a central hub for museums in the Northeast, promoting a vibrant community that is dedicated to learning, collaboration, and implementing actionable initiatives to enhance museum experiences.

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