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Brokerslink Americas brings leadership together | Insurance Business America

They discuss the introduction of a new practice

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Kenneth Araullo

Brokerslink America recently brought together its leadership line-up in Mexico City – with 19 countries represented.

In total, 24 Brokerslink affiliated businesses were represented, with Sekura I aer, the largest independent broker in the country, taking on the role of host.

A primary focus of the discussions was the introduction of Brokerslink’s Employee Benefits Practice, alongside broader dialogue on the landscape of global employee benefits.

In addition, the brokerage addressed growing concerns surrounding political violence and terrorism risks.

Ariel Couto, CEO of MDS Brazil and Brokerslink Americas regional manager, suggested the discussions were of high quality.

“The discussions that took place reaffirmed the importance of understanding both local market dynamics and global trends in shaping effective insurance solutions,” Couto said. “As we continue to witness rapid geopolitical shifts and unforeseen disruptions, it is imperative that we equip ourselves with the knowledge and resources to effectively mitigate these risks and safeguard our clients’ interests.”

Couto’s outlook for the future is optimistic, with an expectation that the insights gained during the meeting will inspire innovation and lead to positive developments within the region.

“By working collaboratively, not just with our Americas brokers, but with the entire network across 133 countries, we can achieve anything,” he said.

The global group’s latest member, announced last December, notably came from the Americas; the Peru-based CONSEJEROS joined Brokerslink to bolster the brokerage’s presence in the South American region.

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