What are the trends impacting driver risk management?

What are the trends impacting driver risk management? | Insurance Business America

Report aims to offer a deeper understanding about what influences driver risk and safety

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Abigail Adriatico

The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research has released a report, in partnership with cloud-based risk management solutions SambaSafety, which examines the trends affecting driver risk management.

In its report titled “2024 Driver Risk Report: Key Trends Shaping Automative Mobility,” it was found that the average violation rate for drivers in the US and Canada was 27% in 2022.

Meanwhile, the top three violations in 2021 and 2022 in the Southwest, Pacific, and Midwest US regions were all in relation to speeding. The age bracket of drivers that had the highest violation rate in 2022 were those aged 26 to 35, with the rate amounting to 33.9%.

In order to gather its findings, the report used SambaSafety’s repository of telematics, motor vehicle records (MVR), and compliance, safety, accountability (CSA) data, which provided observations about driver risk.

“Our extensive network unlocks driving insights from over 3,000 integrated data sources, offering unparalleled visibility into driving behaviors,” said SambaSafety chief product officer Rich Lacey.

He noted the firm will be launching the SambaSafety Risk Index later this month, which will offer access to a comprehensive risk score to customers. This will provide a holistic view of driver and fleet risk profiles.

“This feature will simplify how companies uncover and reduce the trending risk identified in our 2024 Driver Risk Report,” said Lacey. 

Head of the Academy at The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research Noelle Codispoti said that the partnership with SambaSafety showed how committed the alliance was when it came to the advancement of the industry’s understanding of risk.

“The findings in this report will serve as a crucial resource for insurance professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of driver risk management in today’s dynamic environment,” said Codispoti.

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