How to Get Track Day Insurance | HPDE and Track Day Insurance Education

Imagine the unthinkable happening during a high-speed lap in nonlicensed track cars: a loss of traction, a sudden need for evasive action, or an unexpected meeting with a tire wall. While your driving skills are paramount, track day insurance is your financial co-pilot, designed to navigate the financial risks of the race track that standard auto insurance policies shy away from.

It’s a unique type of coverage that steps in where your daily driver’s policy steps out, providing the assurance you need to focus on the apexes and lap times.

What is HPDE Insurance?

High Performance Driver’s Education (HPDE) insurance is a bespoke coverage type that takes over when your standard auto insurance reaches its limit. It’s tailored for those instructional track days where you’re mastering the art of performance driving. Beyond protecting your car from physical damage, HPDE insurance also considers your instructor, offering HPDE coverage while you’re taking expert-guided demonstration laps.

It’s a comprehensive approach to insurance that even extends to time trials, ensuring you’re covered across various high-speed scenarios.

How Track Day Insurance Differs from Standard Auto Insurance

Standard auto insurance is the everyday wear of your vehicle’s protection, often not cut out for the special occasion that is a track day. When you engage in high-performance driving, standard policies typically pump the brakes on coverage.

Track day insurance, on the other hand, accelerates coverage to include the physical damage your vehicle might sustain on the tarmac of a race track, something your usual policy would not entertain. Considering track day insurance cost is essential for those participating in such events.

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