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Just like how different road conditions can affect your ride, several factors can influence your motorcycle insurance costs. From personal factors like your age and driving history to factors related to your motorcycle itself, such as its type and cost, let’s explore these influences in more detail.

Age and Experience

Picture this: You’re an 18-year-old rider, full of youthful enthusiasm but lacking in experience. You’re likely to pay 41% more for full coverage insurance compared to a 35-year-old rider. Why? Because insurance companies consider younger, less experienced riders to be at higher risk, leading to higher premiums.

Bike Type and Value

Next on our journey, let’s talk about bike types and values. Are you a fan of sport bikes or do you prefer cruising around on a scooter? Your preference matters because insurance premiums tend to be higher for sport and touring bikes compared to scooters and cruisers.

Driving Record and Claims History

As we cruise along, let’s consider your driving record and claims history. A rider with a clean driving record is likely to enjoy lower premiums than a rider with a history of traffic tickets or at-fault accidents. So, it pays to ride safely and maintain a clean driving record.

Location and Riding Season

Last but not least on our journey factors that influence motorcycle insurance costs is your location and the riding season. Riders in states with warmer, longer riding seasons, like:

  • Kentucky

  • Florida

  • Arizona

  • Mississippi

  • Texas

Motorcycle riders often face higher motorcycle insurance costs, making motorcycle insurance expensive for motorcycle riders. Why? Because a longer riding season means more time on the road and, therefore, a higher risk of accidents.

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