Higginbotham extends South Louisiana presence with new partnership

Higginbotham extends South Louisiana presence with new partnership | Insurance Business America

“Earning that respect and trust is important to us,” president explains

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Texas-based Higginbotham has announced a collaboration with Eagan Insurance of Metairie, Louisiana, in a partnership that is set to enhance the reach of both firms in their respective markets.

Marc Eagan, president of Eagan Insurance, reassured stakeholders that the essence of Eagan Insurance would remain intact.

“Everybody feels so comfortable with the people we’ve dealt with at Higginbotham,” he said. “Everyone is professional, yet down to earth. They’re willing to jump in where we need them, but they’re hands off when we don’t. We’ve truly found a great partner here — one that values our business and the relationships we’ve built and wants to join us in those relationships, not remold them.”

Rusty Reid, chairman and CEO of Higginbotham, emphasized the firm’s growth strategy through partnerships with companies that align with their values of community involvement, client service, and team support.

“At Higginbotham, we just celebrated our 75th anniversary last year, so we understand the importance of connection to community, support for clients, and consideration for teammates to longevity,” Reid said. “Eagan Insurance has a similar history. They are currently celebrating their 70th anniversary — and the Eagan family name goes back even further, as New Orleans business owners since 1854. We are proud to form a relationship with the company and the people who carry that name.”

“Earning that respect and trust is important to us”

Eagan also highlighted the deep community ties and the evolving needs of their business.

“The area around New Orleans can be like a big village, where everybody knows everybody and wants to do business with people they know and trust,” Eagan explained. “Earning that respect and trust is important to us and always will be. But insurance is getting more complicated every year. We knew we needed to bring on additional resources to continue offering the best client service and team support.”

Marcus F Eagan, vice president of Eagan Insurance and one of Marc Eagan’s three sons involved in the firm, discussed the practical benefits of partnering with a larger firm.

“Higginbotham gives us so much more horsepower, with resources for our team, like marketing support, and for our clients, like the Day Two Services that enhance coverage with value-added risk management support through the life of each policy,” he said. “But most important, their culture meshes with ours. We know they’re going to help us take care of our clients and take care of our team as well.”

The partnership marks a significant step for both firms as they seek to expand their services and client base in the Southern US, particularly in the Louisiana and Gulf Coast Mississippi regions.

Higginbotham’s partnership with Eagan also comes on the heels of another recent deal, with the Texas-based firm moving for Thompson & Smith Insurance, an independent agency based in Jackson, Tennessee.

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