Do I Need Track Day Insurance? | HPDE and Track Day Insurance Education

Track day insurance is the knight in shining armor for those who relish the roar of engines and the scent of burnt rubber. This specialized insurance fills the gaps that standard auto insurance policies leave wide open. Whether it’s a spinout that ends with a kiss to the tire wall or a mechanical misfortune, track day insurance is tailored to ensure your day isn’t ruined by financial woes. So, when you decide to buy track insurance, you’re making a wise investment in your track day experience.

Fasten your seatbelts, as we delve into the details of what track day insurance covers and the typical oversights you should know about.

What is HPDE Insurance?

HPDE insurance is designed for those who seek to hone their high-performance driving skills in a controlled environment. It’s not just about repairing bodywork; it’s about preserving your investment, modifications and all when you’re testing your limits on the track.

HPDE insurance is customizable, potentially covering your vehicle during both the adrenaline-pumping on-track action and the quieter moments in the paddock.

Liability Coverage vs. Physical Damage Coverage

While your track day insurance rolls out the safety net for your vehicle, don’t expect it to cover every tumble. The primary focus here is physical damage coverage—taking care of your car if it gets bruised during high-speed escapades. Liability coverage, which deals with damage to others or property, is typically not part of the deal.

So, while your car may be covered, it’s crucial to understand the boundaries of your policy.

Common Exclusions in Track Day Insurance Policies

Even track day insurance has its limits. Policies may not cover intentional damage or mechanical failures that happen on the track. If you’ve turned your car into a high-performance beast with modifications, check your policy, as some of these beasts might be too wild to be covered.

And don’t expect compensation for personal items left in the car; those are usually not included.

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